Have you ever wondered if we can learn and teach with way better results and more fun? Just imagine a world in which learning and teaching is being done by freedom, acceptance and passion! Welcome to 3ssential Skills (3S) – very simple, effective, unique and fulfilling system of development. 3S consists of 3-staged programs which helps you improve your life, life of other people and your organization or company performance.

Currently I am working on project called Creating, Designing and Implementing Organizations (CDI) and occasionally I upload Tips&Tricks videos.


CDI YouTube playlist soloves many organizational problems by teaching leaders about creating, designing and implementing valuable organizational culture within their organizations and beyond. CDI helps you by setting up your idea for organization or company (Creating), then writing the very necessary documentation (Designing) and building/enhancing your organization or company (Implementing).

CDI focuses on:
1. The Core of Organization (WHY):
      • Mission
      • Values & Rules
      • Arenas, Activities and Goals
2. The Methods of Organization (HOW):
      • Models
      • Tools
      • Procedures
3. The Actions of Organization (WHAT):
      • BHAGs
      • Operations
      • Projects

This video introduces you to the whole idea. Enjoy!